Baton Rouge’s Tinted Window Specialists

There is a misconception out there among some Baton Rouge drivers that tinted windows are exclusively for police officers, the rich and famous or those pretending to be! However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that tinted windows that are installed correctly using the correct legal specifications can enhance any type of Baton Rouge vehicle.

Fix-A-Chip Autoglass LLC provides an unrivalled tinted window service for all types of Baton Rouge drivers. Our customers include everyone from custom-built car enthusiasts to older drivers who like the protection that tinted windows offer them. Our skilled team of installation experts has the experience and tools to transform the regular windows in your car into something far more exciting in no time at all. Like any serious investment for your vehicle, it is crucial that you choose the right team to do the work. Fix-A-Chip Autoglass LLC is that team. Call today to hear of our extended weekend opening hours and for our limited-time only discounts and offers.

Benefits of Tinted Windows

While our winters in Baton Rouge are often so cold that you forget what the sun feels like, the fact of the matter is that our summers are far different. Sunlight shines over 16 hours a day in the summer months in Baton Rouge and this can have a serious impact on your vehicle should you have to drive for long periods of time. Tinted windows help protect against the sun’s intense glare. This not only protects upholstery, including leather seats and dashboards, but also reduces the amount of air-conditioning you need to use. However, one often-overlooked advantage of tinted windows is the security that they provide.

Tinted windows mean that those on the outside cannot see what is on the inside of your car. This could prove extremely beneficial if you have valuable items located in your car that are not easily moved to the trunk.

Different Styles of Tinted Windows

Like any of the products and services that we offer at Fix-A-Chip Autoglass LLC, the real beauty is in the wide choice and selection that we offer. There are a number of popular tinted window styles to choose from. Three of our most popular ones include:

  1. Dyed Window Film: This type has the advantage of providing the darkest effect of all tinted types. It is also non-reflective and reduces fading from direct sunlight. In general, this type of tint is also one of the most cost-effective options.
  2. Metalized Window Film: This type is very effective at blocking heat so it would be perfect for warm and humid summer days in Baton Rouge. It also is a glare repellant, making it easier for the driver to see what’s up ahead.
  3. Hybrid Tinting Film: Hybrid is a mix between the metalized and dyed window options. The mix of both provide the driver with the best of both worlds as it blocks out all sun, but doesn’t interfere with cell phone reception unlike its metalized counterpart.