New Iberia’s Engine Cleaning Experts

One of the biggest myths in the auto-repair industry is that grease and a little dirt are necessary for you engine to operate to its optimal level. That fact of the matter is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is true that grease and oil are commonly associated by-products of a working engine, this does not mean that they are necessary for it to work to its highest level. The reality is that an engine that is cleaned regularly and maintained to the correct standards is much more likely to operate at a higher level than one that isn’t. This means fewer breakdowns on the side of the road and less damage to your wallet as a result.

In comparison to other engine related services provided by auto-specialists, engine cleaning is a relatively new phenomenon. However, there is one garage in New Iberia that has developed quite the reputation for its advanced service and impressive results.

Located in the heart of New Iberia Fix-A-Chip Autoglass LLC is the number one engine cleaning provider in all of New Iberia. Our mechanics and technicians regularly engage in train so are comfortable with employing the latest techniques to ensure that your engine is as clean as possible. This allied to the state of the art materials and equipment we have at our disposal means that we can ensure your engine will be as clean as possible for as long as possible. Don’t take chances with something as important as your engine. Call the team you can trust today.

What is an Engine Flush?

At Fix-A-Chip Autoglass LLC an engine flush is one of our most popular forms of engine cleaning. In essence it does exactly what it says: it flushes your engine of any of the grease, grime and gunk build-up that may have accumulated and leaves it in pristine condition. How the engine flush works is simple. Our trained technicians carefully pour a chemical solvent into your vehicle’s engine which is then left to sit for up to five minutes to ensure that it reaches every corner. From there, the chemicals are drained similar to how the oil would be for an oil change. In fact, we generally perform an engine flush in conjunction with an oil change as the two processes go hand in hand.

Remove Unwanted Deposit Build-Up

The fact of the matter is that engines will generally last as well and as long as our driving allows. What this means is that if you are a driver who generally only takes journeys of less than 15 KM with lots of stop-starts then you are putting your engine at risk. The reason for this is simple. By not driving in a fluid and consistent manner, the oil in your vehicle’s engine doesn’t travel to every corner this can in-turn lead to particle build-up being deposited. These deposits restrict the flow of oil in your engine and reduce its effectiveness.